Gulmohar Grand 16th August 2015 Written Update

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Gulmohar Grand 16th August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Gulmohar Grand 16th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Annie scolding Anirudh. Jaitley brings Saloni to Mayuri’s room and smiles. She cries and acts as if she is really her mom. She says these are my mum’s pics, it means she is your daughter, you are my Nana ji. She hugs him and they cry. She thinks her plan got successful. He says I want to talk to Mayuri, I want to hear her. Saloni says she is in London. He says I want to talk once. She says I will make her talk to you, I promise. He says Anirudh will be very happy.

Annie asks an answer, how did he hide the letters and filled poison, why. Anirudh says he could not give the letter to Jaitley, Gulmohar Grand became my life. Annie asks about her life, who has seen her mum crying, and Jaitley who is restless to see his daughter, my mum who cried for him, she had cancer and died, we would have been together, she died because of you, you are responsible. Ronnie hears them. Neil calms Annie. She says my mum died because of you, why did you do this, I want an answer. Anirudh says I did this crime, I m ready to get punished, I was telling Jaitley. Annie says I will expose you, I will tell your truth to him. Ronnie goes from there.

Jaitley calls Anirudh and says he has great news for him, he has found Mayuri’s daughter, his own granddaughter. Anirudh puts phone on speaker. He says I m coming to meet you right away. Annie thinks Jaitley came to know. Ronnie tries calling Saloni and says I have to do my work. He keeps hidden microphones in Jaitley’s room and thinks now he will know their secrets.

Anirudh packs his belongings. Shreya asks whats all this, you can’t leave like this. Jaitley comes to him and says he wants to show him his granddaughter Saloni. Anirudh gets shocked. He says Lord has sent her as my secretary. Saloni shows concern. Annie and Neil come there. Jaitley says he is very happy today, he got his family back, will you meet my granddaughter, Saloni… Annie and Neil get shocked. Saloni smiles.

He stumbles in excitement and Annie and Anirudh hold him. The doctor checks Jaitley. Jaitley says I m fine. Anirudh says Mr. Jaitley… Saloni says I will talk to him. She acts and asks him to take care of his health. Annie looks at Anirudh being shocked. Saloni asks them to go out, Jaitley needs rest. Anirudh asks Jaitley to take care and leaves. He says Jaitley knows the world, people, how did Saloni fool him. Annie says this is one mistake he did to know people.

Neil says I m sure Saloni did her homework and had solid proof, we have to find out. Anirudh says we have to expose her truth, we should not waste any time. Annie says don’t forget Jaitley’s health. Anirudh says I know, I don’t want him to believe this lie. Neil supports Anirudh and says Saloni lied that Mayuri is alive, we can solve our differences later. Anirudh asks Annie to get her father on video call and make him talk to Jaitley, to bring the truth out. He asks Neil to keep Saloni away from Jaitley, I will be with him. Annie says never. Neil asks her to think about her mum and Nana, they have to stay together, sorry.

Ronnie hears their plan and gets shocked. He says Annie is Mayuri’s daughter, Saloni’s plan will fail, I have to tell her. Annie tries calling her dad. Jaitley talks to Saloni about Mayuri.

Saloni gets Ronnie’s message that situation is tensed and asking her to meet. She says she has work. Jaitley asks her not to go anywhere, call them from accounts dept, I will call Anirudh, he will manage. She says its fine, its not urgent. He coughs and she gives him water. She thinks she has to meet Ronnie and adds some sleeping medicine in the soup. She makes him drink the soup and he falls asleep.

Neil gives a bouquet to Saloni and asks her not to forget him, she is Jaitley’s granddaughter, he wants their friendship to continue. She says I will call you, I promise, I have to go. Ronnie thinks Neil is wasting her time. A man asks Neil to come fast, some guy is fighting. Neil tells Saloni that he has to go. She smiles. Ronnie pulls her hand and asks about Neil. She asks him not to interfere in her personal life. He says Neil was stopping you, Annie is making her dad talk to Jaitley, to tell him she is Mayuri’s daughter. Saloni is shocked.

Anirudh asks Annie to call her dad, he will wake up Jaitley. Saloni comes there running. Anirudh and Annie see Jaitley not responding and get worried. Saloni comes there and they hide. Saloni calls Ronnie and says they are not here. Ronnie says we should fix hidden camera there to see their activity, and we have to do something of Annie. A man comes there and gives Annie’s pic to the girl. He books a room, and tells about a chest with expensive things. Abby comes there and greets Tina.

Anirudh brings Neil and Annie out to his small fav restaurant. Neil says Saloni is not alone in this. Annie taunts Anirudh. Neil says he tried finding out and just Annie can stop Saloni. Saloni can attack Annie. Annie says she is not afraid. Anirudh says your life is in risk, stay at hotel tonight, Neil will be with you. Anirudh sees Pallavi with someone. He asks Neil and Annie to go. Ronnie and Saloni have a talk to the money lender. She records Jaitley. The man greets Anirudh and says he will go and order some food. Anirudh says we have spent so much time here, don’t make fun of our memories being here with Nikhil. She asks him to forget everything.

Teeshay works out in the gym and talks to Abby. They bond well. Tina looks on and smiles. Teeshay sees her. Annie talks to Neil and she says this security things are so uncomfortable. He says its imp. She says her dad is not taking her call and gets worried. Teeshay comes and teases them. Abby looks at them and smiles seeing Annie. The man and her assistant look for Annie. They act and make Annie’s phone fall. The man holds his heart and the girl asks Annie to help, her grandpa is having pain. The doctor checks him. She recalls Jaitley in his place and cries.

The doctor says he will be fine till tomorrow. The girl says its our flight tomorrow. The man says we will leave tomorrow. Annie says she has to go and asks him to take care. The man gets up after she leaves and says you better take care if yourself.

Annie and Neil are in the room. He asks her to sleep and stays for her security. Her chain and pendant falls. He gets it and says she loves it so much and makes it fall. She wakes up and asks what did he say. He says she made it fall in her room. She asks did he come in her room, she had this doubt on him, he has to say. He says I was there, I swear I did not see anything, don’t cry. She cries and says how can you do this. He says I m not such man, you know me.

He checks at the door as someone knocks again and again to trouble them. He says I think someone is joking, don’t open the door till I knock thrice. She says you have to answer me once you come. Neil sees someone and runs. Annie says it means he has come in my room that day, no….. The power goes and someone knocks the door. She says who is it, I think its Neil. Neil sees that girl and says I saw you running, are you looking for something. She says she is guest here, I have been lost, I have specs and can’t see well, can you drop me to my room. He says alright and takes her. Annie calls Neil and finds his mobile left there. Annie hides. Neil drops her to the room. She says I think my grandpa slept. Neil asks can I check once, to be sure. She says sure. He sees there and says he is sleeping, AC is very low. She says my grandpa is strange. He leaves. She uncovers the dummy on the bed. The old man/goon comes to Annie and she hides. She sees his ring and gets stunned.

Precap: Annie is kidnapped and brought somewhere by the goons. The man aims gun at her and shoots her.

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    September 04, 07:19 Reply

    Annie and neil is cute couple.please unite them.dont make a typical drama by apart them.

  2. jhanvi
    September 04, 07:17 Reply

    Anyata and neil is cute couple.please unite them.dont make a typical drama by apart them.

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