1. annie
    July 21, 15:30 Reply

    what the hell…cant bear this nonsense anymore..

  2. Salma
    July 20, 09:30 Reply

    I cant understand why everytime starplus do like this.I was waiting for GG since last week and now they are showing that no GG due to the telecast of NB.This is not at all fare.Once they did no problem but again and again is not right.Once a week it comes and on that also they are not showing.Very angry on starplus.

    • kkkk
      July 20, 11:11


  3. Desi larki
    July 19, 15:34 Reply

    What the hell every one week after the same problem that’s so fucked up come on if there is no time to play this then u shouldn’t have started this show I am starting to hate star plus

    • gg
      July 19, 15:45

      I know even I am sad about it I was waiting a wholeeeeee week to watch the next part which would have been so exciting but oh well. Its not cuz they don’t have anything to show its cuz of nach baliye finale it got cancelled which is ok cuz I love Karan Patel so much but I don’t watch NB myself. Still gutted about gg though I would have loved to see Annie and Neil lift romance oh well another week to wait.

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