Gulmohar Grand 21st June 2015 Written Update

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Gulmohar Grand 21st June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Gulmohar Grand 21st June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode start with Annie asking Neil about his wound. He says he is fine and asks her not to do the drama. She argues and he says I m sure you wishes I got hurt. She scolds him. He gets Anirudh’s call and leaves. She says what did I tell him and holds her head. She tells Tina that she feels Neil is stone hearted. Jaitley tells Anirudh that he has seen Mayuri in his dream yesterday. He asks about business summit arrangements. Anirudh says he is looking into it himself. He gets a call and says its not possible. Jaitley asks whats the new problem. Anirudh says don’t worry, I will manage, don’t forget to have medicine and leaves. Jaitley says its his hotel.

Anirudh talks to Neil and tells him about some drug supply racket going on Gulmohar, they have to find all answers before the police raid, it can be done any day, we have to expose the racket. Neil says he will share this with Ronnie. Anirudh says no need, we will keep this between us. Neil says fine. He goes in changed getup in the bar. Saturday Saturday………….plays………. Neil sees a guy buying drugs and also fools the waiter to get the drugs.

Annie helps Mrs. Irani and have a talk with her. Mrs. Irani tells the time when she joined Gulmohar and asks her not to tell anyone anything, else talk like Jaitley and just say Fire him. Annie asks did Jaitley had any daughter. Mrs. Irani says yes, how do you know. Annie says I saw the pic on his desk. Mrs. Irani says strange, its always in drawer, one day she broke our heart and went, Mr Jaitley shattered. Annie asks did she never come back. Mrs. Irani says if she knows how much Jaitley loves her, she will come back. Annie says did Jaitley not call her. Mrs. Irani thanks her for dinner and says she can go now.

Neil fails to get the drugs and informs Anirudh. Anirudh tells him to try later and they see the recording. Anirudh says the waiter informed someone about you. Neil says hotel staff is involved in this racket, but who. Anirudh says Annie will go tomorrow, she is new and no one knows her. Neil says it wi8ll be risky. Anirudh says it will be be fine, send her to me in morning, I will explain. Meghji is angry because of Anirudh and Jaitley and brings out his anger. Bonnie says I will not leave that Neil Gujral. He says if Anirudh is doing this, someone would have told him on time before the raid. Meghji laughs and says he does not care if Ronnie is caught. Ronnie is stunned and says if you get caught after me, I will not be quiet. Meghji asks his plan.

Jaitley asks Annie not to touch his things. She makes his fav lassi and he realizes his like. He asks how did she know about this. She says Anirudh told me, I m sorry to not ask you before serving. He says its fine and drinks it. She smiles and recalls how Mayuri used to make the specific mint and cinnamon lassi. Annie asks does she not talk to her dad. Mayuri says she does not talk to him, as he does not wish to talk to her. Annie thinks mum was like Nana ji. She says she will tie his shoe lace.

He scolds her saying she is hotel staff. She says I have seen Anirudh doing this. He says Anirudh is my family, not an employee like you. She says I m really sorry again. He asks her to leave. Annie comes out and cries. Jaitley recalls Mayuri. Mayuri serves him lassi and asks him to pay his credit card bills. He says its much. She says she just like brands. She says she has no interest in Gulmohar Grand. He says you are my only daughter, its all yours. She says she will go London for study. He says I should have not scolded Annie.

Ronnie sees Annie going to meet Anirudh. Annie says I can’t do this, I will be caught. Anirudh says the hotel will lose reputation once the media knows this. Annie agrees to go. Shreya says she will take her to the disco. Anirudh says take care, we did not know about drugs racket before, all the best. Neil asks her not to tell anyone. Annie says she is not foolish. Anirudh asks is there any reason for his rudeness.

Shreya calls Annie and asks her to meet Jaitley. Jaitley plays chess and asks her to join him in the game. He asks is she annoyed. She says I think you get tired playing alone. She plays and he calls her smart. He asks where did she learn playing. She says from my mum, she plays chess well. He asks is she no more. She says no, few years ago….. He says I m sorry, and your dad. Annie plays and asks does this hotel matter to him. He says yes, I made it, but I lost a lot for making this. He wins. She says if I made you lose, would you play with me again. He laughs.

Anirudh talks to Neil. Neil says Annie….. Anirudh asks does he not trust her. Neil recalls seeing her in corridor room. He says he has seen a locked corridor, and once Annie got locked there, she said door was open and she went to lie. Anirudh asks you think she is lying. Neil says I don’t have. Anirudh says its Jaitley and his family’s private rooms, there is nothing to get stolen, I think Annie can do this work.

Ronnie sees Annie and informs his waiter. Annie walks in the bar. She tells Anirudh that she has come inside. Few guys make fun of her. They make her drink. The guy says she is pretty and asks her to dance. A lady comes and scolds her for flirting with her BF. She pushes Annie and Annie gets into a catfight with her. The lady holds her hair. Neil says oh God, her wig….. Annie thinks she has to stop her and holds her wig tight.

Annie thinks she can’t lose so soon and asks a waiter for the drugs. He says your work will be done, but outside the hotel. Anirudh says its not save to send her alone and sends Neil. Annie comes to the car and screams seeing a dead man. Neil comes and asks him to relax, he is here. She cries. Meghji laughs seeing them and leaves. Neil says I will call Anirudh. They see a fight between Ronnie and someone. Ronnie says he heard a gunfire and saw this man running, it means he is after drug racket. Ronnie asks him to call police. Neil says I will call Anirudh. Ronnie insists.

Ronnie and Meghji drink and say police has come, but Gulmohar did not get into this matter. Anirudh will feel the drug dealer is caught, now you can continue your business. Ronnie comes to Anirudh and acts sweet to him. Anirudh does not tell him any details. Ronnie says you don’t trust me and did not tell me anything, I m working here since 15 years. Anirudh taunts him and says my work would be easy if I caught you first. Ronnie comes out and says now Anirudh will be gone.

Anirudh tells Jaitley about Ronnie and gets angry. Jaitley says its good case is solved, relax. Anirudh says I feel there is more to this. Jaitley says you like problems, I will order lassi for you too, thanks for telling Annie about my sweet lassi with mint and cinnamon, like Mayuri used to make. Anirudh says when did I, and recalls the past events. Jaitley asks did he not tell her. Anirudh says I have told her, who else can tell her and asks him to enjoy his lassi and take medicines. Anirudh calls someone and asks him to get Anahita Mehta’s complete background info.

Neil and Annie dance in some party. Jaitley gets critical and Anirudh and the staff rush him to hospital. Annie gets tensed.

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